Permaculture for the People Patreon!

If you enjoy the podcast and blog that is Permaculture for the People, I encourage you to consider supporting me on Patreon, if you have a bit of cash to spare. This will help me to afford hardware and software needed to create the podcast and will also give me funds to promote the blog and the podcast.

There are some fun patron tiers, the first of which is a big THANK-YOU on the podcast! The second is that I will answer a permaculture or activist question of yours on the podcast. The third tier involves a monthly group video chat facilitated by yours truly about a permaculture or social justice topic.

If you don’t have cash to spare but want to support the podcast/blog you can share the page on social media and/or write a review on iTunes. Both those actions are HUGE for me!

Thanks so much!IMG_4327





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