Episode 4: Permaculture and the Refugee Crisis with Rosemary Morrow

In this episode I give some background about the global refugee crisis and provide the framework with which I believe permaculture people should view this crisis. I then interview the amazing permaculture teacher and writer Rosemary Morrow about her work with refugees.

Resources for episode 4:

  1. Check out Rosemary’s website Permaculture for Refugees
  2. In the U.S.? Support this activism in solidarity with the Migrant Caravan.
  3. The facts I referred to about refugees were taken from the UN Refugee Agency and an article on the National Geographic website
  4. That very annoying article about Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair
  5. This is a great article that gives you background on U.S. imperialism in Central America
  6. Europe and the People Without History by Eric Wolf. This is an interesting article about this classic book’s impact on peasant studies.
  7. Blood of Extraction: Canadian Imperialism in Latin America by Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber
  8. Human Flow, a documentary by Ai Weiwei. Get ready to cry.
  9. I wrote a blog post Permies of the World Unite! in response to the abuse of refugee and migrant children by the U.S. Government that you might find relevant.

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