Academic Work

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Geography and Environment at the University of Western Ontario. My PhD dissertation is about the relationship between people and urban bees with a focus on urban, hobbyist beekeeping and pollinator gardening. I examine how these practices allow people to engage in sensuous, concrete human activity through ‘playful work’. I also explore how these practices, when practised collectively in shared spaces, can help to create multispecies urban commons in which people, bees, and other beings can flourish.

In addition to my dissertation, I am working on an academic book, to be published by Routledge Press, about the harm caused by capitalist agriculture to pollinators.

My research interests include political ecology, Marxist theory, sustainable food systems, beekeeping, urban agriculture, multispecies ethnography, and social reproduction theory.

Academic Publications:

Please note, most of these publications require an academic affiliation to access. Email me if you can’t access them and I’ll send you a PDF!

  1. ANIMAL FUNCTIONALITY AND INTERSPECIES RELATIONS IN REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE. 2020. Tony Weis and Rebecca Ellis, in Routledge Handbook of Sustainable and Regenerative Food Systems, Routledge Press
  2. From a free gift of nature to a precarious commodity: Bees, pollination services, and industrial agriculture. 2020. Rebecca Ellis, Tony Weis, Sainath Suryanarayanan, and Kata Beilin. Journal of Agrarian Change.
  3. Save the Bees? Agrochemical Corporations and the Debate Over Neonicotinoids in Ontario. 2019. Rebecca Ellis. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism.
  4. Second thoughts about a third wave. 2001. Rebecca Ellis. Canadian Women Studies.