Episode 5: Workers of the World Unite: we have a world to win!!

In this episode I discuss two important struggles of working class people going on RIGHT NOW: the struggle of postal workers in Canada to strike and the spontaneous riots in France of the “yellow vests”. I attempt to define the working class and to inspire you to reclaim your working class identity and join in the struggles of working people. Class will be a recurring focus of this podcast and is a huge basis for my critique of some aspects of permaculture, so this is really laying out the foundation for future episodes.

Resources related to this episode:

  1. Well, obviously, you should read The Communist Manifesto, remembering that it was written in 1848 so the language is “old-fashioned” yet the ideas are still extremely relevant.
  2. Support the struggles of CUPW – the postal workers’ right to strike in Canada!
  3. Find out about the history of the CUPW in fighting for the rights of women workers.
  4. Feminism for the 99% Manifesto
  5. A Lesson in How Not to Mitigate Climate Change by Andreas Malm
  6. One of my favourite union songs (updated to remove the sexism)

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