Episode 12: The Re-enchantment: in-against-and-beyond capitalism

In this episode, I announce the new podcast name, which I will be rolling out over the next month, and I discuss the climate strike and Canadian elections!

Resources from this episode

  1. Check out Silvia Federici’s book Re-enchanting the World: Feminism and the Politics of the Commons
  2. Check out Crack Capitalism by John Holloway
  3. Confused when I talk about class? I wanted to find an article with a simple definition that does not use jargon, but could not (let me know if you have one). Basically, Marx’ definition of the working class is the group of people that must sell their labour for a wage or salary, who do not own the means of production. The means of production are the physical manifestations of the workplace: the buildings, land, factory, machines, the inventory, software networks, etc. The means of production look differently depending on the workplace. The main point is, you don’t own them! Most people are working class, whether employed or not. Your level of education, income, sub-culture, and whether you own your home or car does not matter for this definition.
  4. Check out Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich (oldie, but still important, in my opinion)
  5. My favourite resource for climate activism is Uneven Earth

One thought

  1. I’ve been reading about permaculture design since I was a Peace Corps Agriculture volunteer in 2011-2013. Eventually left international development because I realized I was running abroad to solve problems I was afraid of facing in the US. Problems like racism, sexism, homophobia, and the capitalist exploitation of everything… Now I’m a Methodist pastor in Western North Carolina where I’m trying to shape the vision of my church and community toward a deep love and interdependence with all people and creatures. I want us to a long for a world where all are welcome, where there is no more violence and where the all life flourishes. All that to say that I 100% absolutely believe and agree with what you have to say about the trends in permaculture today. I share your disappointment and I fully support your desire to break out.


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