Episode 3: Living with the urban wild!

In this episode I touch on the insect crisis and then dig deep into how we can learn to co-create with the wild – with a focus on bees and wasps – leading to a discussion of multi species commons. I also give three tips for helping wild pollinators to successfully overwinter.


I mention a few studies and I am a big fan of going to the original paper in academic journals. Sadly, not all academic journals are accessible to people who aren’t involved in academia. I include a link to the original journal articles and to media reporting on the papers.

  1. German study on insect decline – CNN and the original paper.
  2. Puerto Rico study on insect decline – PopSci and the original paper.
  3. Video of Will Kymlicka discussing his concept of animal citizenship
  4. My blog post (based on a paper) ‘Do Bees Have a Right to the City?




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