Episode 2: How to have HOPE in spite of climate chaos

In this episode, I tackle the climate chaos and try to leave you with a feeling of hope that we can collectively change the world for the better!

This episode is a bit longer than usual. I think the topic of hope and climate change deserves the extra time and energy. If you like my podcast please write a positive review on iTunes. This will help me to reach a wider audience.

Resources Relevant to this Episode:

  1. IPCC Report on Climate Change
  2. Change the World Without Taking Power by John Holloway
  3. Crack Capitalism by John Holloway
  4. Confronting Empire by Arundhati Roy (this is where her famous quote comes from)
  5. La Via Campesina

Becky’s Revolutionary Tips for Combating Climate Change

  1. Join or start a climate activist group
  2. Always blame capitalism
  3. Support struggles for Indigenous land rights
  4. Be active in your union; identify as and with the multi-racial, multi-gendered, international working-class
  5. Support small-scale organic farmers (local and international)
  6. Support refugees and migrants
  7. Create despite-capitalist spaces
  8. Re-skill for the despite-capitalist present and post-capitalist future
  9. Make a radical alliance with the wild
  10. Defy alienation; connect deeply with self, others, and non-human nature

P.S. Sorry that this is not the episode on transportation. That will come soon, once I figure out how to record virtual interviews.


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