Permaculture Women’s PDC

I am so excited and proud to be the urban permaculture teacher in a new online permaculture design course made up of an all-women teaching team. The course is organized by Heather Jo Flores author of the inspiring book Food Not Lawns and the teachers are, quite simply, amazing. We have been working hard together as an international team for months to create a PDC course that will be meaningful and transformative for students. It was especially crucial for our team to seriously grapple with issues of social permaculture, social justice, and decolonization.

I think it will be a fabulous experience for anyone who enrols, especially for people who can’t travel to a conventional PDC course. PDC courses, if you aren’t aware, often happen over 14-16 intense days at a particular location, which can make them extra expensive and very difficult for people with jobs and/or children.

permie game

For your design project, you can choose to work with a particular teacher and I would be honoured to work with everyone but will be especially love to work with students who are interested in urban permaculture, social justice and permaculture (feminism, anti-racism, class-consciousness, decolonization, etc), and/or, building deep relationships with non-human nature.

If you feel inspired by this course, consider enrolling. If you can’t or already have a PDC under your belt, please share far and wide! All genders can be students, from all backgrounds. 



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