International Permaculture Convergence India

I am very excited to be part of the upcoming International Permaculture Convergence and Conference (IPC) in Hyderabad, India which will take place from November 25 – December 2. The IPC will be bringing together permaculture practitioners from all over the world to share ideas for creating a regenerative and abundant future for all.

I will be speaking at the conference about co-creating outdoor spaces with bees and will touch on the importance and potential for creating multi-species commons – non-commodified, communal, democratic spaces in which humans and non-humans can flourish. For pollinators, these spaces may be crucial in the struggle for survival in the face of increasing climate chaos.

This will be my first time visiting India and I am so thrilled. There so many amazing speakers – permaculture leaders and activists from around the world – but I am most excited about hearing about the projects of permaculture practitioners from the Global South.  And in witnessing the work of the Aranya Agriculture Alternatives

Check out the IPC India website for more information and watch this delightful video.



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