Permaculture and activism, part 1

I am working on a presentation about permaculture as a social and environmental justice movement for this amazing conference Organizing Equality. For this presentation I have been doing some research about permaculture and activism and have come across some fantastic resources.

First, check out this video of a Decolonizing Permaculture session at the Building Resilient Communities Convergence 2016. It is really interesting, giving a good overview of some of the problems with the permaculture movement and some hopeful solutions.

Next, check out the People of Colour & Allies Resolution from the 2014 Norther American Permaculture Convergence. They have lots of great ideas for how this movement can become truly anti-racist.

Lastly, I want you to check out this article about sexism within the permaculture movement – Spermaculture or Permaculture?

Part two will give some ideas for in-depth reading to re-frame our movement into one that can be part of a post-capitalist future.



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