Radical Roundup – Week of January 9

What a week! As people and movements get ready to confront a Trump presidency, here are some of my favourite reads this week.

A call for Marxist Identity Politics by activist Albert L. Terry, that highlights how crucial it is for Marxists – and other radical activists – to take race not only seriously but to put the struggle against racism as central to our movements.

Check out this inspiring and powerful interview with activist, scholar, and movement lawyer Dean Spade in Now is the Time for Nobodies. I love this call to radically transform our communities and to work together with and identify proudly as everyday people. I think the Left (and permits) need to not be so entranced by leaders (leaders are important but putting them on pedestals is NOT).

Teaching for Change has this awesome resource – Resistance 101 – for parents and teachers of young people about social movements and the important work of dedicated activists. The lack of knowledge about how social change actually happens (i.e through social movements) is glaring in our present society so this is a much needed resource and not just for kids!

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor is one of the most important academic activists today and she wrote this searing and sobering look at the reality of the Obama presidency – Barack Obama’s original sin.

Happy reading!!




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